Select better wallets for your NFT allowlist

Add wallets that will likely mint to your allowlist and increase mint rates over 1.5 times.

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MintBoost basics

What is MintBoost?

MintBoost is a service that helps NFT projects clean and optimize their allowlist by filtering out wallets that are unlikely to convert.

How does MintBoost work?

Once we received a list of wallet addresses we check for double and invalid addresses. Data from the remaining wallets is then queried, from the Ethereum blockchain, to identify patterns and trends in NFT buying behavior. By using data analysis and machine learning techniques, we're able to filter out the wallets that are unlikely to convert, leaving you with a highly targeted allowlist that is more likely to mint out.

Why we built MintBoost?

The launch is a crucial moment for any NFT project. Making sure you're targeting the right wallets can be a time consuming or ineffective process. Getting rid of bots, double entries, invalid addresses can be a pesky task, and failing to do so comes at a cost.

We felt that we could offer a better solution and take this burden off NFT teams' shoulders. We help you not only clean your allowlist, but also identify the most likely buyers on it, increasing your odds of a successful launch. Check out some examples.

What is MintBoost's mission?

Our mission is simple: to provide NFT projects with the tools and insights they need to optimize their allowlist and increase their chances of minting out. We believe that by empowering NFT projects to succeed, we can help drive the adoption and growth of web3 as a whole.

How much does MintBoost cost?

During early access our service is priced at 0.25 ETH and includes the cleaning and optimization of your project's allowlist, as well as additional insights and analysis from our team.

Join MintBoost

We're currently in beta and are looking for NFT projects to partner with. If you're interested in getting early access to our service, fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.

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